Building dry stone walls & pillars
In light of a number of requests from homeowners/landscape co. owners, we will be conducting 1 day workshops on building dry stone walls & pillars. We plan 8 hour workshops at our location in Mountainhome, Pa. to be held on several Saturdays in 2009 as demand allows. Groups will be from 5-8 persons, led by myself and one of my crew.

The Workshop includes:
1. A brief history of this centuries-old craft
2. The building of an actual freestanding wall 3' high
3. Lunch and break refreshments will be provided
4. A copy of the dry stone wall manual will be included.
5. Cost for the full day will be $245

Participants will leave with a basic understanding of dry stone work, and numerous "tricks of the trade" which make this type of work practical and enduring. please email us for approximate dates.

Additional Workshops
We will offer workshops on other topics such as Garden Design & Layout and Soil Prep, if there is an interest.

Also we provide on-site workshops. If you have a community group or neighborhood association please contact us concerning workshops for your group.